Big things from BIG SCIENCE.

In case your Sunday has you looking for some new music.  Shout out to for introducing us to these guys!

West coast transplants, Jason Hendrix and Jason Richards made the move from San Diego, CA to Chicago, IL back in 2007 to collaborate with long time friend and producer Jason Clark.  After months of hashing out tunes in their respective basements, and finally finding a drummer in Jeremy Pena, BIG SCIENCE was born into the underbelly of the Windy City.   Three hundred and sixty-five days of writing, rehearsing and heavy drinking later, the friends embarked on a journey to record their first EP, The Coast of Nowhere, and self-released it in January of 2009.

The five-song EP is a collection of new wave minimalism, nineties alt-rock, and eighties post-punk, with a heavy nod toward shoe gaze, and distinctively artistic pop sensibilities.  The title track makes for the perfect introduction to BIG SCIENCE, with it’s reverb-soaked guitars and Bono-esque vocals, and should be followed-up by our personal favorite, “DNC”, which channels more of the band’s post-punk influences, mixing a grittier vocal, ethereal ooh’s and ahh’s, and picking up the tempo just slightly.

In all sincerity, The Coast of Nowhere is an indie gem just waiting to be discovered.  There’s a clever irony in the lyrics, and a familiarity it’s sound that’s comforting, like an old afghan your grandmother knitted just for you.  For a self-recorded, mixed, and produced effort, it’s anything but amateur, and would have no trouble competing for a spot in any music-enthusiasts collection.

As for the men who created this incredible record they’ve described themselves better than we ever could, saying, BIG SCIENCE is simply, “another band made up of four friends, entrenched, dedicated, and in love with the act of making music that captivates and exalts the tones of being, of youth, [and] of the city.”  So here’s to BIG SCIENCE, wherever they may find themselves today.  It’s one thing to envision a record like The Coast of Nowhere, but to execute it with such seemingly effortless precision is quite another.  To you we say, “Keep ’em comin’!”  At the very least you have a fan in Audio I.V.  🙂

For more info on BIG SCIENCE, check out their new and improved website, and stream tracks from The Coast of Nowhere on their MySpace here.


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