Paramore, I’m still into you

After three years, two departed band members and one hell of a tour, Paramore is back with a self-titled album and a progressive new sound that’s actually quite refreshing.  Paramore is 17 tracks deep and peppered with a girly flamboyance I can only assume is Hayley Williams’ way of asserting herself in the wake of the Farrow brothers’ departure.  There was much speculation as to what the Farrow brothers would take when they left the band in 2011,  but luckily the remaining trio has managed to maintain the playful energy heard on Riot and Brand New Eyes.  While I personally feel the edgiest thing about this record is Hayley’s vocal delivery (though, really who’s complaining?), the softer edges here are refreshing.  There are moments on Paramore when I feel as though I’m listening to a female-fronted Jimmy Eat World (the closing track “Future” nods hardest in their direction) and while it’s certainly not the worst artistic move, it’s not so much what I expected this time around.

True to form, however, several tracks on Paramore are immediate stand outs.  “Still Into You”, the album’s second single, was first to put itself on repeat in my head, and the delicate 50’s vibe of “(One of Those) Crazy Girls” is sure to become a fan-favorite after a few spins.  I also genuinely enjoyed the oh-so-blunt lyrics of “Grow Up” and the gigantor chorus on “Be Alone”.  Check out the video for “Still Into You” below and let me know what you think!


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