“The Tempation of St. Anthony”


From their upcoming April 2nd, release, My Shame is True,  Alkaline Trio just released their second single, “The Tempation of St. Anthony”.  Unlike their last full-length, This Addiction, “Tempation” leans more toward the dark and ironic, favoring a sound last heard on the bands fifth studio album, Crimson“Temptaion” starts off small and builds to a big chorus with haunting harmonies and Trio’s signature drum fills.  It’s all more of the same in many ways, but after the crazy detour that was This Addiction, more of the same is more than welcomed.  My personal favorite moment of “The Tempation of St. Anthony” comes in the nightmarish bridge; starting with a pensive bass solo that fades into singer Matt Skiba’s wailing, “You haven’t lived till you’ve seen suffering like this.”  It’s predictable, maybe, but ultimately, just perfect.

In a recent Billboard interview, here, Skiba talks about writing this and other songs, and suggests some of the bands’ best tunes write themselves.  That’s fine with me, really.  As long as they continue writing, I will be a pair of ears eager for listening.


Yellowcard, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes.


Ahhh Yellowcard.  You supplied the soundtrack to my Senior year of high school, “Ocean Avenue” became an instant classic for emo-kids everywhere, and then you faded away into the abyss of pop-punk.  When so many other bands were trying to cash in on the trend you stuck to your guns.  Sure your follow-ups were never as successful, and most of America would call you a one-hit-wonder, but all that is about to change, mark my words!

With the release of their seventh studio album, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes, Yellowcard is back in full force, and ready to dominate a genre that’s been lacking substance for a long while.  Courtesy of Hopeless Records, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes hit stores last Tuesday and has made quite a splash in a mere seven days.   Channeling everything that made Ocean Avenue a smash hit, Yellowcard proves with this record, they’re nowhere close to finished making waves.

The album’s first single, “Hang You Up” is a bit of a ballad, but still manages to retain the band’s signature energy, and knack for wordplay (the hook is, “this is a black and white of you I found, I hang you up and then I pull you down”).  When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes opens with the stunner, “The Sound of You And Me”, which we’re betting will be a summer-love single, and doesn’t slow down until “Hang You Up” comes in on track four.  Listeners should check out “With You Around” for a poppier song complete with a shout to Audio I.V. faves, Saves the Day, and stick around for “See Me Smiling”, a deeper cut with everything you loved about Ocean Avenue, and nothing you hated about Lights and Sounds.

If you’re jonesin’ for a little video action from these guys you won’t have to wait too long.  Next Tuesday you can catch the premier of the official “Hang You Up” music video on all MTV networks.  But, until then, When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes should be on the short list of new releases to explore this weekend.

Happy Friday!




After more than two years of constant touring, writing, and a hefty block of recording at The Blasting Room in Colorado, Chicago natives, Rise Against are back with their usual high-energy, politically-driven punk rock in the form of ENDGAME.

Their fourth full-length in a long line of studio releases, ENDGAME is a lot of the same for Rise Against, but at a point where most bands struggle to re-invent themselves RA channels early material (circa Revolutions per Minute) for inspiration and direction, while holding tight to the pulsating pop thread that helped make their last release, Appeal to Reason, such a success.

For all intents and purposes, ENDGAME is a masterpiece.  The record progresses organically from one track to the next, teasing listeners with melody and then punching them in the gut with crunchy guitars and shredded licks.  Tracks like, “Satellite” and “Midnight Hands” stand out against obvious singles like “Architects” and “Help is on the Way” thanks to heavy arrangements, strategic tempo changes and Tim’s signature vocals.  Things get political on “Survivor Guilt”–a predictable, yet respectable nod to our Troops overseas and veterans at home–and “This is Letting Go” hooks hard with a super melodic chorus, and an oddly familiar vibe (think “Give it All”).

Luckily, where Appeal to Reason failed to keep your attention, ENGDAME won’t let it go.  In short it’s everything you loved about the last 10 years of RA crammed into one record.  Big singles mix happily with soon-to-be fan favorites, and deep cuts like “Lanterns” serve as the perfect cliff-hanger for things to come.

It may have seemed like a lifetime of waiting, but ENGAME is here, and it’s fantastic.  Pick up your copy today wherever you buy music, and pass is on!


Forever the Sickest Kids re-release debut and make three new records.

As a special treat for all you emo kids out there, six-man band Forever the Sickest Kids re-released their debut <em>Underdog Alma Mater</em> on July 7, courtesy of Universal Motown Records.  Hopefully, a sign the band will be returning to it’s original roots, the deluxe edition of <em>Underdog</em> features six extra tracks including three demo and an acoustic demo that have never before been released.  Other than the new additions, the album is exactly the same, so I would recommend heading over to iTunes and purchasing the individual tracks or “completing the album” if you’ve already purchased the original release.  

Even better than the re-release of <em>Underdog</em> is the fact that FTSK have announced the upcoming release of three, yes count ’em THREE mini-albums or EP’s that will contain 6 songs each and are to be released between now and the end of 2010.  Look for the first installment this fall, and expect the next to come after the new year.  We’re all very excited to hear the new material, and if FTSK has their hats on straight, let’s hope they give us our money’s worth.  Keep your eyes peeled for more information as it’s released, and check out the band’s MySpace here.