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EQuala – Tune in to your friends!

Ever get a really bad ass music recommendation from a friend only to completely forget the name of the artist or the song title 20 minutes later?  Now thanks to a new mobile app, EQuala, you don’t have to remember either to keep track of the awesome tunes your friends and family love.

EQuala is available for iPhone and Android and is the newest way to discover new music your friends and family are already listening too.  Simply download the app, sign in via Facebook and add Friends to your EQualizer.  EQuala compiles songs they’ve shared, favorited, and listened to via social media or aps like Spotify/Pandora and randomizes them on your own personal radio station.  You can also search for music, and listen to popular songs/artists.  It’s pretty frickin’ cool!

Check it out:

Smash the music biz

Smash.  I love the show so much, but I’ll admit when it first aired I expected it to be another Glee with more of a story line.  But after a season and a half the prime time drama has proven to be more of an industry commentary than a pile of show tunes.  Sure the songs are amazing and the vocals are top-notch, but the way these characters are back-stabbing and manipulating each other is pretty indicative of the real world, and the real entertainment industry.  I would LOVE to see someone make a Smash 2 about the ins and outs of the music biz.  Like a real life “Jimmy Iovine” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, complete with label tricks, promotional gimmicks and good old fashioned backstabbing!  I smell a hit!

American Idol Top 8 Predictions

This is one of the best Idol seasons in a long time.  On vocal ability along, Jimmy Iovine and his crew could harvest a football team’s worth of future pop/country stars from the Top 20 that performed last night.  Tonight’s Top 10 reveal leaves me wondering how they’re going to go about narrowing down it down to just 1!?!  Overall, I was VERY happy with the result.   Last night I guessed Teena Tores would have beat out Amber Holcomb, and would have traded Nick Boddington for Lazaro Arbos – BUT after hearing Amber sing “Every Woman” tonight I was pleased she got sent through, and Lazaro wasn’t terrible.  Here’s my Top 8 predictions, in order of best performance.

1. Candice Glover

2. Angie Miller

3. Kree Harrison

4. Paul Jolley

5. Janelle Arthur

6. Burnell Taylor

7. Devin Velez

8. Amber Holcomb

Mariah Carey Comeback?!


Holly shit balls!  Mariah Carey finally released a single that sounds current and age appropriate!  If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan, but at this point I had given up all hope she would ever release a pop balad again!  Thankfully she’s seen the light and released “Home Again”, the single from Disney’s upcoming Oz The Great And Powerful.  I’ll admit, it’s not perfect – the verses sound a little forced, and mousy at times, but it has a powerful melody and the only whisper/singing you hear is in the bgv’s!  I sincerely hope this is the “Return” everyone’s making it out to be.  Now if she would only stop being such a spacey diva on Idol!