Angie Miller: You Set Me Free


In case you missed this on Idol a few weeks ago, it’s moments like this that define an artists  career.  I’m predicting at least Top 5 for this little darlin’.


American Idol Top 8 Predictions

This is one of the best Idol seasons in a long time.  On vocal ability along, Jimmy Iovine and his crew could harvest a football team’s worth of future pop/country stars from the Top 20 that performed last night.  Tonight’s Top 10 reveal leaves me wondering how they’re going to go about narrowing down it down to just 1!?!  Overall, I was VERY happy with the result.   Last night I guessed Teena Tores would have beat out Amber Holcomb, and would have traded Nick Boddington for Lazaro Arbos – BUT after hearing Amber sing “Every Woman” tonight I was pleased she got sent through, and Lazaro wasn’t terrible.  Here’s my Top 8 predictions, in order of best performance.

1. Candice Glover

2. Angie Miller

3. Kree Harrison

4. Paul Jolley

5. Janelle Arthur

6. Burnell Taylor

7. Devin Velez

8. Amber Holcomb